VIA Latvia – modern and safe choice towards a common goal!

VIA Latvia is unifying brand for whole Latvian transport industry, combining spheres major players, who working side by side provides complex, safe, fast and effective carriage of goods, distribution and e-commerce services to world markets.

The logo for VIA Latvia, which dynamically weaves name VIA with the fundamental meaning of "road", symbolizes movement – continuous development and growth of transport industry. Just like the symbol of the logo, VIA Latvia’s cooperation model aspires to move forward.

Also, direction indicators are visible on the "VIA" symbol. Those are processes, on which transport industry and its progress is based - cargo arrival, processing, improvement and creation of added value.

The symbol of the logotype is created from five interconnected and complementary parts - airways, waterways, railway, roads and information highways, thus describing Latvia’s transport infrastructure and power. It also brings together the intersections of the Latvian transport sector – Freeport of Riga, Freeport of Ventspils and Freeport of Liepaja, Riga International Airport and Latvian Railway network.